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Look At Me! July 13, 2010

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(taking a deep breath…and here I go…) 

“Look at me” is NOT something people would normally hear me say.  I prefer to stay out of the spotlight, possibly quietly admired from afar, but NEVER right in the spotlight.  Here I am though, Team Captain…again.  The opportunity had presented itself numerous times over the past several years, but I never sought the spotlight…didn’t want that position…no way, no how!  Well, fate found a way and a how…and surprisingly, I’m really enjoying it – the challenge, the people, the quiet admiration from afar, even the “glad it’s her and not me”.  🙂

There is joy in knowing that I’m helping others.  That I’m helping others to help others and providing them with the encouragement that has been given to me to help them achieve their own goals.  My goal this year is to encourage other team captains and most importantly POTENTIAL Team Captains to hop aboard and Join the Movement.  Hopefully, I can provide some guidance, ideas and support along the way.  So, I’m proof positive that a bike rack (same as a wallflower, but in the bike world) can move to the front of the pack and lead.  I’m looking forward to having you come along for the ride or venturing off to lead a ride of your own.

ps:  you don’t have to actually “lead” the ride either….I’m quick on a typewriter, but not that fast on a bike…at all! 😉


Check back soon! July 9, 2010

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Just getting my bearings straight on this thing called blogging, so please check back soon for something a bit more substantial other than “Under Construction”…..