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About Me

Howdy!  My name is Pam Sabrsula and I’m serving as Team Captain Ambassador for BikeMS Valero Alamo Ride to the River.  October 2010 is my 10th year to ride in this event, 3rd year as Team Captain and 2nd year as a Club 100 member.  Not really sure how I got into all of this as some of it is really a blur (and not because I ride my bike really fast, because I don’t).  🙂 

I pretty much kept to myself the first 7 years of riding for this cause blissfully unaware of the turn of events waiting for me around the next corner.    On my 8th year,  I was thrust into the daunting role of Team Captain and for the first time ever…without any corporate support (yeah, the economy)…gasp!  I did what I could for our little team (it’s great to have a massage therapist for a sister!) and we had a great year.  By my 9th year, call it a coincidence, twist of fate, or devine intervention, we not only had corporate support renewed, but it was amplified by the interest and support of a parent company.   

As I go into my 10th year I have great expectations for the year.  I’ve met so many wonderful and dynamic people along the way that I now call friends, and it’s been a wonderful journey…one that I encourage others to take either as team captain, rider, volunteer, sponsor, etc.  Hey, if Shatner can be Captain, then why not you?  You won’t regret it!



1. Mary Ellen Sabrsula - July 14, 2010

Pam is a wonderful person… she greets you with a smile and a friendly HI… She has really gotten into this CAUSE and she is good at it… If all the people had that energy and support to get to the finish line and start it up again for the next year attitude there would be a cure already…but alas, they still need people like her to get to the end of this finish line… Sometime I am jealous of her time with this CAUSE, but then I see the pictures of people or hear a story and feel very ashamed of my feelings… so I suggest if she calls on you to help…do so… oh, I guess some of the people will know that I am her Mom…

2. Eye of The Tiger, Grandma « Bike MS: Valero 2010 News Blog - July 26, 2010

[…] the Grandma in the headline came from… Over at the excellent Bike MS Captain (B)log, author Pam Sabrsula describes a recent Sunday ride with a friend that was met with mixed results from grandma drivers […]

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